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Here's a picture of the Track, it's an American Hill Climb ,with the cross-over's removed and a very smooth surface.


 This track is in my basement. About 8 to 12 people show up to race, I've had up to 20 so there is plenty of pit space. Entry fee for the Race is $ 5.00 , practice time is free.  Mostly adults come ,but we have a few kids that mix in well. The guys here would be happy to help you set up your car if this is new to you and you want to try it out ,I sell everything to get started in this hobby and it is a fairly inexpensive great hobby !  Come on over and check it out...If you have any questions just call 609-713-3696 or email me at  Thanks Dominick

Hey guys there's little to no interest in any one showing up Tuesday or Saturday nights so for now Dom's Raceway is CLOSED.

If anyone wants to get a group of people together for a private race or something, 8 or more I will open the track for you, just give me a few days notice with the day and time your interested in and we'll work it out. Use the email above to get in touch or the phone #, Thanks Dom. 

Follow the Neon Sign to Doms Raceway

                   If you see this sign turn here !!!  N.J. TPK  exit 7a  on to RT 195 east for about 2 miles to ex 7 take ramp to top and turn right, head to Allentown. When you come to stop sign turn right go for about 1/2 mile just after you go over the lake take the first left it will be RT539 follow this road as it curves around here and there ,you'll come to the end of the road where you'll see a Stop and a Yield sign, go to the right and you will see the Cream Ridge Golf Corse on your right. From this point take the 3RD left turn ( about 2 miles up the road ) 118 Jonathan Holmes Road ,Cream Ridge NJ ,08514  . I am the second house on the left ( cream color ) and you will see this Sign, come around the back and park, there's lots of room....Any questions just email me at or call 609-713-3696


 The first class for Race night is a 4" F-1 Indy car with any stamped metal chassis, jigging, grinding for motor clearance and minor chassis modifications will be okay.  Must have front wheels and tires on a 1/16, 3/32,or 1/8 inch axle the wheels must be able to spin as when touching the road surface like a real car. Rear axles 3/32 or 1/8, gears 12-40 for 72 pitch , 11-37 for 64 pitch and 9-30 for 48 pitch, no ball bearings, Rear tire max. dia. .740 no bigger,   .032 min. chassis clearance under the rear chassis and the spur gear. We will use Trinity Evil 9 motors ONLY.   

 We are also going to race a GTP high down force class with any 4" stamped metal chassis, jigging, grinding for motor clearance and minor chassis modifications will be okay. Must have front wheels and tires on a 1/16, 3/32 or 1/8 axle ,the wheels must be able to spin as when touching the road surface like a real car. Rear axles 3/32 or 1/8 ,any gears, no ball bearings, .032 min. chassis clearance under the rear chassis and the spur gear. We will use Trinity Evil 9 motors ONLY. 

Bodies must be painted with 3 numbers, wheel wells must be clear or cut out and windows must be clear.

Here's the results for Saturday 10/19/13

F1 Indy Cars / Evil 9 motors

1st  place Mike Jr.          204  laps  best lap time 4.386

2nd place Jimmy R.        202  laps  best lap time 4.440

3rd place Bob B.            196  laps  best lap time 4.496  

4th place Dom R.           195  laps  best lap time 4.565

5th place Dan P.            189  laps  best lap time 4.609

6th place Vince S.          180  laps  best lap time 4.296      

7th place Bob M.           175  laps  best lap time 4.667             

8th place

9th place

10th place

11th place

12th place

13th place





      GTP  Evil 9  Group 10   10/19/13  

1st  Jimmy R.             237  laps  best lap time 3.999  

2nd Bob B.                 220  laps  best lap time 4.073 

3rd Dom R.                231  laps  best lap time 4.221      

4th  Vince S.               211  laps  best lap time 4.293

5th  Dan P.                 210  laps  best lap time 4.225   

6th  Bob M.                203  laps  best lap time 4.435                  










Vintage Racing anybody ??



Check out these cars , not so fast but real fun racing !



Slotcars ,Parts,tools



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