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Here's a picture of the Track, it's an American Hill Climb ,8 lanes and about 145 feet of track.


2019  Dom's Raceway is open now for special events listed here , slot blog and face book , come have some fun racing. Most classes I'll have a few loner cars and controllers ready for you to try out. 

If anyone wants to get a group of people together for a private race or something, 8 or more I will open the track for you, just give me a few days notice with the day and time your interested in and we'll work it out. Use the email below to get in touch or the phone #, Thanks Dom. 

Follow the Neon Sign to Doms Raceway

                   If you see this sign turn here !!!  N.J. TPK  exit 7a  on to RT 195 east for about 2 miles to ex 7 take ramp to top and turn right, head to Allentown. When you come to stop sign turn right go for about 1/2 mile just after you go over the lake take the first left it will be RT539 follow this road as it curves around here and there ,you'll come to the end of the road where you'll see a Stop and a Yield sign, go to the right and you will see the Cream Ridge Golf Corse on your right. From this point take the 3RD left turn ( about 2 miles up the road ) 118 Jonathan Holmes Road ,Cream Ridge NJ ,08514  . I am the second house on the left ( cream color ) and you will see this Sign, come around the back and park, there's lots of room....Any questions just email me at or call 609-713-3696


Penn Jersey Nascar Series 1ST opener of the new season here at Dom's Raceway August 11, 2019 Doors open at 8am come check it out ! Please see Race Report on Facebook under Doms Raceway ! Thanks for looking !

Our next Vintage Race is September 28th ! Track opens 5pm free practice till about 6:30pm first Race starts a few minutes after. Just $5 per race.  Please call me with any questions 609-713-3696 Thanks Dominick


1)First race: mid 1960's era 36D powered production chassis cars made by Garvic , Cox , Classic, Renwall , Dynamic, any bodies from that time era is okay. No brass or steel pan cars in this race. I have a lot of loaner cars ready if you want to try before you hunt one down for your own .


2)Second race: American Line Sportsman/hot rod kit cars sold by REH Distributing, also 36D motors. I have a lot of loaner cars and controllers if you want to try racing with us !


If any one would like to just stop by and take a look , your welcome too !

Hi Please see August 31st Race results on Facebook at Dom's Raceway !  We had 27 entries together for the Vintage cars and the Roadsters,  Thank you for looking

Race Results from 7/20/2019 sorry for the delay but we had power failure for 5 days after the Race and no internet untill today !

36D Thingie Race

1st Dom 194 laps

2nd Ray 192

3rd Jimmy 189

4th Jake 173

5th Al 164

6th Ray G. 157

7th Glenn O. 150

8th Mikey D. 137

9th Lou Este 137

10th Andrew L. 130

Race Results from 7/20/2019 sorry for the delay but we had power failure for 5 days after the Race and no internet untill today !
36D Roadster Race
1st Jimmy Roselli 210
2nd Ray Carlisi 210
3rd Glenn Orban 201
4th Mike Spisak 198
5th Dom Roselli 195
6th Mikey DiVuolo 194
7th Joke Golub 185
8th Al Hernandez 182
9th Edd Rittenhuse 182
10th Ray Graulich 179
11th Lou Esteves 170
12th Andrew LaVielle 165


June 22, 2019 Dom's Raceway Jail Door Race results
Sports Cars , 1st Jimmy Roselli, 2nd Dom Roselli , 3rd Mike Katz ,4th Ray Carlisi (his motor was Slow) 5th Charlie Shmerler, 6th Glenn Orban, 7th Pete Linszky
Grand Prix Cars 1st Jimmy Roselli, 2nd Mike Katz , 3rd Dom Roselli, 4th Ray Carlisi, 5th Glenn Orban, 6th Charlie Shmerler, 7th Pete Linszky, 8 th Mikey Divuolo
All cars finished in good running condition , very fun racing
I hope to have more guys join in the next jail Door Race ! Jimmy and Dom had a great time racing these cars ...First time for me to race the jail door cars that Tony and Noose built for me . I did not want to race with these cars I really did not want to damaged them in the past but it was great to race them and they both only had a little body damage at the end of the races, Thank you Tony and Noose for building me two great cars ! I hope to get more guys interested in the Jail Door Racing the cars handle great they are pretty fast and can take some crashing with no damage.

Vintage production car Race at Dom's Raceway 5/11/19 Results : We had an even better turn out for the second time. 12 entries for the 36D production cars,we started on time. I had 8 loaner cars ready for guys that wanted to race but did not have cars. Jimmy Roselli 1st 130 laps ,fastest lap 7.030, 2nd Dom Roselli 129 laps ,fastest lap 6.814, 3rd Mike Kats 123 laps ,fastest lap 7.126, 4th Ray Carlisi 120 laps, 5th Glenn Orban 116 laps, 6th Mikey Divuolo  114 laps, 7th Ray Graulich 103 laps, 8th Rob Rieu 103 laps, 9th Andrew Lavelle 102 laps, 10th Charlie 101 laps, 11th Lou Esteves 95 laps, 12th Pete L 29 laps ( got walled and broke a guide flag) The Roadster cars Finnish 1st Jimmy Roselli 133 laps best lap 7.019 , 2nd Mike Spisak 128 laps best lap 7.074 , 3rd Ray Carlisi 127 laps best 7.185 , 4th Dom Roselli  124 laps best 7.132 ,5th Glenn Orban 124 laps best lap 7.138, 6th Mikey Divuolo  121 laps, 7th Jake Golub 112 laps, 8th Ian Grant 110 laps, 9th Ray Graulich 110 laps, 10th Rob Rieu 109 laps , 11th Pete L 108 laps, 12th Andrew Lavelle 103 laps, Lou Esteves 98 laps.   Thanks to every one that participated

Vintage Racing anybody ??



Check out these cars , not so fast but real fun racing !



Slotcars ,Parts,tools



You can get it all here at Dom's Raceway

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